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Fascinating book, full of original, interesting material, by one of the original low-carb researchers whose grounding in the field goes back decades. Feinman combines a unique perspective with the experienced eye of a scientist. He’s had a front-row seat to developments in the field of carbohydrates and metabolism over the past decades, which has given him key insights into the latest research.

Nina Teicholz: author of the best-selling The Big Fat Surprise


Nutrition is really applied biochemistry, and who better than a professor of biochemistry to explain it. The World Turned Upside Down is a biochemist s view of the world of nutrition, which has suffered years of dogmatic adherence to faulty premises and shoddy research. His teaching will get you in the game even if you hated science in school. Dr. Feinman and I have always shared a low tolerance of the film-flam that unfortunately is most of professional nutrition today. The World Turned Upside Down is not just highly critical of the corruption of statistics and lack of common sense, it provides reliable information for making intelligent nutritional choices.  Among your guides will be wide range of characters, including Bradford Hill, the unsung hero of epidemiology, Rossini, the gourmet, and the lascivious Earl of Rochester.  The least doctrinaire of low-carb researchers, Dr. Feinman has written a book promoting healthful, whole-food nutrition.  Not everyone needs a low-carb diet. But he makes clear the underlying science showing carb restriction is a must for those with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.  The book describes Gary Taubes s Good Calories, Bad Calories as analogous to Thomas Paine s Common Sense in the American Revolution. The World Turned Upside Down may play the same role in the second low carb revolution.

Michael R. Eades, M.D.: author of Protein Power and other best-selling books



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How is this book different from the myriad currently on the market? Most importantly for me – it’s based on the principle of “show, don’t tell.” The author doesn’t position himself as an omniscient guru, there’s no Brand-Feinman to push. It doesn’t ask you to believe, it just shows you how human metabolism works and gives you the tools to work out how they apply to your particular case, because there’s no ‘one size fits all’ in nutrition.
Written in a witty, accessible style, it doesn’t intimidate with long fancy words and overly scientific descriptions.
It doesn’t try to sell anything – doesn’t peddle supplements, detox programmes, miracle diets or cures etc.
It’s bare bones science, slow cooked in commonsense and spiced up with a generous dose of humour and anecdotes.

One look at the whimsical cover illustration makes it clear that this is going to be a fun read, not a dry discourse on biochemistry. Basically, “The World Turned Upside Down,” is the story of how we obtain energy from our environment, told by a talented teacher who explains it so even those of us who don’t know much chemistry, “can see the beauty in the life machine.” Sadly, it is also an expose of the irresponsible behavior of those in the medical establishment, the very people we trust to give us good advice, to tell us the truth and, at the very least, to do no harm. It is at once a memoir, a manifesto, and a call to arms about what must be done to save ourselves and heal our nation.

Dr. Richard David Feinman is a Renaissance man, one with expertise and knowledge in many fields, including philosophy, music, history, gastronomy, and art (his avatar is a self-portrait), as well as biology, chemistry, and thermodynamics. His writing is enriched by his wide range of interests and accomplishments.

He first became interested in nutrition while studying the scientific literature in preparation for teaching metabolism classes to medical students at SUNY. He discovered that something was terribly wrong and found himself plunged headlong into a world of shoddy science, self-deception, and scandal as bad as any in the entire history of medicine; a perfect storm of flawed research, assumptions accepted as proof, and science corrupted by grandiose egos, greed, and special interests. The fox was not just guarding the hen house, but selling rotten eggs for profit.

Dr. Feinman has long been a larger-than-life hero in the world of nutrition and a champion of truth in science. He takes extraordinary care to never state anything as fact that cannot stand up to scrutiny and he expects no less from others. (Be forewarned: anyone who crosses swords with him on matters of science is not likely to escape unscathed.)….


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I’ve started reading Dr. Richard D. Feinman’s book, The World Turned Upside Down: The Second Low-Carbohydrate Revolution. It may be the best book on the topic of low carb diets to date, because of its broad perspective, and its readability.

Amber Wilcox-O’Hearn