Richard David Feinman 

I am a Professor of Cell Biology at the State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York where I have been teaching metabolism for many years. I used nutritional subjects ­— specifically low-carbohydrate diets and their role in insulin regulation  ­— as an illustrations of metabolic principles. At some point more formal specifically nutritional lectures were required. The World Turns Upside Down describes my descent into professional nutrition and the problems in facing a world with seriously flawed practices. I consider that there is only one kind of science ­— my original area of research was protein chemistry and enzyme mechanism ­— and I consider that there are the same standards.  Science is a human activity where finding the answer and basic honesty take precedence over personal reinforcers. Nutrition and perhaps all of medicine is plagued by serious deviations from these standards and the book and my blog address these problems along with the fundamental science.

I’ve worked in several scientific areas including animal behavior and had early training in the visual arts. I have become comfortable with the term dilettante since finding out that Niels Bohr considered himself one.

Teaching nutrition and metabolism to medical students led me into research specifically in the area of diet composition and energy balance. Along with my colleague Dr. Eugene J. Fine my current interest is in carbohydrate restriction and ketogenic diets in cancer. Dr. Mahmood Hussein and I co-founded  the journal, Nutrition&Metabolism and I was co-Editor-In-Chief from 2004 to 2009).

I have a BA from the University of Rochester and a PhD in chemistry from the University of Oregon.

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